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Video, particularly animation, has played a pivotal role in helping our clients make millions of dollars in sales. I started VidMachine to close the gap between creative production and selling. Every video we produce is made with the sole purpose of generating more sales for our clients.

At the core of what I do, teaching business owners how to better market their services is what I truly enjoy. The videos in our Marketing Academy are short and to the point and I hope you get value from them. the library will continue to expand so be sign up for updates.

Byron G. Torres
CEO @VidMachine

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Marketing Academy: Video Tips

How To Select A Company: Introduction

Selecting the right team to produce your animated video is a big decision. How can you know if you are making the right choice? With every video you release being a reflection of your company’s attention to detail, and your beliefs and priorities as a brand, it’s not a question to be taken lightly. We’ve produced a short series of videos with key questions to ask to make your selection process easier.

Is There Detailed Voiceover Casting?

There is a reason why the majors hire recognizable names for voiceover. The warmth, personality, and delivery of a captivating voice can at times even have more of an impact on your animated video than a visual! Beyond this, precise explainer video casting assists in building easily recognizable brand recall elements. When we hear the Aflac duck we all immediately know the company. It should be no different for your own business.

Is there an in-house team or freelancers/outsourced workers?

In some cases a newbie freelancer who works overseas might charge you a ridiculously low rate for your animated video, but it’s true that you get what you pay for. Lack of experience is expensive in dollars, time, quality, and reliability. Hiring a well-experienced in-house video production team comes with a perfected creative process, and a long list of satisfied clients. In-house teams deliver powerful explainer videos that are punctual and that match your brand. If you want your production done properly the first time, using a cohesive in-house team is the way to go.

Do you get a choice of video styles?

Some video production companies try to sell you on one specific type of video. This is not a good sign. To create the customization that you need, a first-tier video production company should give you a variety of art style choices. You should never feel as if you are narrowing your message to match a production company’s strong points. It should be just the opposite. If choices are not available, you may want to keep looking.

Is there a writer on staff?

One of the most overlooked parts of the explainer video production process is writing. To maximize effect, your message should be short, clear, and impactful. In many cases, video production companies that don’t have a writer on staff, undervalue this process, and end up forfeiting a great deal of the influence that your animated video should have. Asking if there is a writer on staff will give you a solid sense of the production company’s ability to properly brand and formulate your message.

DIY Video Production

When it comes to Video Production you can go over the top with glitz and glamour which typically results in big expenses or you can do it yourself and save yourself a chunk of money. The downside to doing it yourself is coming across as unprofessional or not caring enough about your brand. This is a short series of videos on DIY Video Production. We hope these tips will help you in producing quality video content yourself that will result in higher conversions.

Focus on the solution you provide

Focus on the solution you provide your viewers. There is a difference between building credibility and coming across as if you are bragging. Let’s be real, viewers are watching to be entertained and to get something out of the video. Because we as a species are impatient, when watching a video, viewers will tune out if we drag on talking about how great we are without adding any value. As a professional in your field, you have expertise that viewers can learn from. When producing the video, keep the focus on the viewer and on the solution you provide.

Byron G. Torres

Keep it short

Keep your marketing message short and get to the point quickly. When producing a marketing video, keep in mind that we have short attention spans. Viewers are bombarded with hundreds and even thousands of content options daily. If you are good enough to get the attention be sure to maximize the opportunity by delivering a direct and to the point message.

the exception to this are non marketing videos. If your audience has requested more information or you are conducting a training of sorts, longer videos are ok. For marketing purposes however, keep it short.

Byron G. Torres

Use a tripod

There are times when the shake effect works nicely. If that is what you are going for more power to you. Otherwise, use a tripod. Don’t distract from your amazing message by shaking so much that the focus is on the lack of production rather than on what your video is trying to accomplish. You can purchase a tripod for under $30 so you don’t have to spend too much to get one.

Byron G. Torres

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