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You’ve seen them on websites promoting a product or service. You’ve watched them from beginning to end and learned what a company, app or service do and how they work. I am referring to animated videos (exlainer videos).

Animation has been used for marketing products for decades. Think back to the Trix commercials from when were kids. But animation is not only used to promote cereal to children, animated videos are now being used to explain the most complex software in a very simple way.

I am not a psychologist or would ever pretend to know the science behind any concept. I am however very interested in people and finding out why they do what they do and what makes them do those things (particularly when it comes to marketing).

What I have found through researching why animated videos work goes back to those days of watching the silly rabbit trying to get a bowl of cereal. Animated Videos are cartoons. They look different and they entertain.

Don’t get me wrong. I see a lot of animated videos that are long, boring and poorly produced. I see animated videos that are made using DIY software and end up making the company look like they just don’t care. So like anything, be careful with compromising your brand to save a buck. But I digress.

When done right, an animated explainer video should engage your site visitors and help you close more sales. Not to mention the stand out factor your website will get when you have a great looking video staring back at your site visitor.

Here are a few things to consider when making an animated video

  1. Have it professionally produced
  2. Make it interesting
  3. Keep it short (ideally around 60 seconds)
  4. Get to the point quickly
  5. Tell people what you want them to do next

Your video is a reflection of you and your company. It’s also a chance to make a great first impression on potential customers. For these reasons, quality is imperative.

They style and feel of the video should be custom. Make sure that the elements and animation being used is not template based. The script and story line should be easy to follow and understand and the call to action needs to be specific and to the point.

So do you need an animated explainer video? That depends on you. A better question is: Could you benefit from having an awesome animated video produced for your company? Yes.

Animated videos are not just for looks. Animated explainer videos will boost your brand and help you make more sales.

Good selling,

Vid Machine

In a follow up post, I will provide tips on things to consider when making an animated video and how to select a company to create your video.

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