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Boring content pushes visitors away. You spent a lot of time and money creating your website and marketing. Potential customers find our page and click on your link and when they get there…they can’t figure out what you do or how you can help them.

This is a tragedy in marketing. You had them and lost them in a matter of seconds. This is such a problem that in a caffeine filled creative session we deemed this an epidemic we appropriately named BBCS or Back button Clicking Syndrome.

We poke fun but losing money is not funny. The good news is that with some changes, your results and ROI can and will improve.

Condense your content

If you can say it with less words, do it. Look through your website and see what you can eliminate.

Highlight what you do

The first thing site visors should see is what it is you do.

Answer their questions

If someone conducts a search and land on your page,  answer the question. You will have likely optimized that page to be found under the question. Give them a direct answer to establish yourself and your company as experts in the field.

Clear call to action

They are at your website and they see what you do. Make sure that you tell them what to do next. Create clear call to action messages on your website. Do you want them to call you or complete a form? Make it simple and obvious.

This may all seem like a lot of work and it is. Our websites and online marketing should not take a back seat because this is how people find businesses today. Take the time and create quality content that gets to the point. By doing this you will highlight your expertise. Marketing, online and offline, is not a sprint…it is a marathon.

Now comes our plug…we can do this with you and for you. Let’s talk – Call us at (909)689-4043 Ext.525 or fill out the form on this page

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