The uses of animation in marketing

The uses of animation in marketing

The uses of animation in marketing

Animation has been a vital part of film and storytelling for decades, but its use in marketing spans far beyond animation on the silver screen. Brands have been using animation to effectively market their products and services long before animation was used as a tool for advertising.

The Uses of Animation for Marketing

Animation has been used to sell just about anything imaginable. Animated infographics can be found everywhere, from television commercials to YouTube videos. Not only are animation and animation techniques used to promote products; animation is used by brands to tell stories and instruct their audiences on how do anything from cooking a certain dish to using a smartphone.

Animation in marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because animated marketing campaigns work. Brands who use animation in their marketing campaigns tend to have a higher ROI [return on investment] than brands who don’t.

Why does animation in marketing work so well?

The reason animation works so well for marketers is because animation puts the power of storytelling into a brand’s hands. People love stories and storytelling has been used for centuries to inform, entertain and to sell. Animation allows marketers to put animation at the core of their marketing campaigns to tell stories and capture attention.

Animation is also an incredibly versatile medium when it comes to marketing, animation techniques are used in all forms of media – from video games & television shows to product demonstrations & tutorials. Animated GIFs have even transcended social media with people using animated GIFs to advertise everything from marketing campaigns to new products.

Animation marketing is an integral part of marketing and animation techniques will continue to be used as a marketing tactic for years to come.

This article was written by Byron G. Torres ( CEO and Creative Director at ). Connect with Byron on Linkedin.


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